Shower the People (James Taylor)
Owen performs James Taylor’s “Shower The People” with Javier Colon (winner of the 1st season of The Voice), Megan Burtt, and Peter Stoltzman at the CU Denver Summer Music Industry Program.

If Tomorrow Never Comes
A worn blue jeans and country feel make this song an OK favorite.

Headlines in Heaven
An inspiring song about the gift of a homeless woman, the commitment of a married man and other earthly heroes.

Pride and Joy
Owen and the band channel a bluesy Elvis vibe in this ditty about “my sweet little baby.”

Pink and White Stripes
Owen’s storyteller side comes to the fore in this foot-tappin’ tune about the woman he met last Friday night.

Jingle Bells (James Taylor version)
Owen lets his inner James Taylor run wild in this Christmas tribute to his musical muse.